Our Goal

We have built a Girl’s home that focuses on teaching, equipping and disciplining the children, women and men of Arcahaie by fulfilling the Great Commission. We are in the planning stages of building a multipurpose building to enable us to further our outreach to the community and house mission teams.

We pray for the girls whom God has entrusted to us and others that may join us in the future.


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Pray with Us

We pray people will not get overwhelmed by the need of the many people of Haiti, but will be available to help even just one. We pray for the girls who will come to live with us very soon. We pray for you, who have supported the ministry and cheered us on every step of the way, and for those who have encouraged us and lifted us up. We pray we’re able to continue growing the good work we’ve started here.

Making A Difference

We have water! Not only for our children, but for the people of the village as well. We also provide food support when we can for families in need in the village.