Meet Ms Ketchina

Ketchina is from several hours north of our orphanage. Her whole family was starving. Very, very desolate situation. She had never used a spoon so she was scared and had to be fed by Ellen’s fingers. Her guardian didn’t even know how to write her own name. She’s 24 months old now but wearing 9 month sized clothes. She is stunted in growth and her legs are crooked from sitting on the ground everyday and not getting enough vitamins. She arrived in June and with much prayer is now walking! She only wants to eat half a meal a day but loves to drink milk. Once her stomach grows, hopefully she will start eating more. We are concentrating on getting her healthy with proper vitamins and nutrients.

Please Pray

Please pray that Ketchina will continue to get stronger everyday, and we are thankful that as an answer to prayer she is now walking without the aid of braces! Pray that with the care of Ellen and the La Limyè nannies Ketchina will catch up with other children her age both mentally and physically. Also, that she will flourish spiritually while growing up at La Limyè Children’s home. Pray that we remember God is in control and that La Limyè is His ministry. He loves and knows what is best for each one of His children. As this ministry grows we trust God to provide. As decisions need to be made that we hear His voice. May all the glory go to God! Praising Him always!!

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