Meet Ms Ketchina

Ketchina is our special girl who came to La Limyè at 2-years-old. She is now 5-years-old and keeps us all entertained! She was afraid of spoons when she first came because she had only eaten with her hands. Although at 24-months she was still in 9-month sized clothing and was malnourished with physical and mental disabilities, she is now happy and healthy. Ketchina has autism and perhaps some other disabilities that can’t be diagnosed in Haiti.

She has a vocabulary of about 10 words, but that doesn’t stop her from laughing and playing all day long without a care in the world. She’ll eat anything you give to her and never cries about anything! Ketchina is part of the reason La Limyè decided to build a school for children with special needs because she wasn’t accepted at any of the schools in our city. Please pray that she will continue to advance in both her motor skills and her language skills. She will need assistance for the rest of her life, so this home/school is the perfect place for her. She is made in the image of God and that is perfect in our eyes.

Please Pray

Please pray that Ketchina will continue to get stronger everyday, and we are thankful that as an answer to prayer she is now walking without the aid of braces! Pray that with the care of Ellen and the La Limyè nannies Ketchina will catch up with other children her age both mentally and physically. Also, that she will flourish spiritually while growing up at La Limyè Children’s home. Pray that we remember God is in control and that La Limyè is His ministry. He loves and knows what is best for each one of His children. As this ministry grows we trust God to provide. As decisions need to be made that we hear His voice. May all the glory go to God! Praising Him always!!

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