Meet Amandalina

Amandalina came at 2-months-old after she was abandoned by her mother who was mentally-challenged. She has no known family members and has never had a relative come to visit. Amandalina is 3-years-old now and heading into her second year of preschool.

Although she was abandoned, she was found and wanted and will forever be welcomed with open arms at La Limyè. DaDa learns slowly in school and may need a tutor as she gets older, but she has a contagious smile and a squeal that wakes the chickens up! This girl is beautiful and healthy and loves to give hugs.

She is a blessing to this ministry and although she has no biological parents, she does have lots of nannies who care for her as if she were their own. May God bless Amandalina to be a light into the world and to one day help other orphans just like her.

Please Pray

Please pray for wisdom for Ellen and her La Limyè staff, as well as the board members as we learn how to best provide for the beautiful daughters of God. What a blessing and honor it is to be entrusted with such a gift.

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