Meet Ms. Dachena

Dachena, the third girl to come to La Limyè, was abandoned at thirteen months old. She was very malnourished when she arrived but you wouldn’t know it today. She is now a sassy and smart little two year old and is often referred to as the “Boss Lady”. She loves to help Ellen do chores like carrying things from the storage shed into the house, feeding the chickens, or bringing things to the nannies. Two things that make Dachena happy are pretty clothes and lollipops. Dachena will attend school with Noldine next year. However, she already knows how to count to five and knows her animal sounds. Dachena is learning to talk and loves to say “mommy.” She can also sign “I love you.” She will learn to speak English and Haitian Creole.


A typical day for Dachena: She wakes up around 6:00 am and gets ready for the day. One thing Dachena does not like is getting her teeth brushed! She then eats breakfast and leaves with Ellen to take Noldine to school. Dachena loves getting the chance to ride in the car. When they get back, she usually plays outside on the swings or helps feed the chickens. After lunch, she takes a nap. In the afternoon, she plays with her sisters in the playroom. She loves to sing and dance. As the day comes to an end, she eats supper and settles into bed.

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