This sweet miracle came to us at 4-months-old needing immediate medical attention. Ciarha was rushed to the hospital the same day she was put in Ellen’s arms and was immediately admitted for Kwashiorkor, a severe malnourishment that causes the body to swell. For weeks, Ciarha was so weak she didn’t even have a voice to cry. CiCi is now a thriving 3-year-old, free from malnutrition and disease and is a beautiful miracle. Jehovah-Jirah, the God who heals, saved CiCi and allowed her to come back to La Limyè after a few weeks in the hospital and receiving a blood transfusion.

CiCi has a sweet and quiet spirit, and although she is usually in the background doing her own thing, she is vibrant and full of happiness. Ciarha has a beautiful story: although on death’s doorstep as a baby, she can now overcome anything by the grace of God. We pray she puts her faith in Jesus now and forever, for it is by Him she is alive and well today!

Please Pray

Please pray that Ciahra will continue to grow and flourish while in the care of Ellen and the La Limyè nannies. Pray she will grow up to one day tell her miracle story. Ciahra’s story is a shining example of what La Limyè is all about, and how God is using us as His Hands and Feet to spread His love to ALL of His children! He loves and knows what is best for each one of His children. May all the glory go to God! Praising Him always!!

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