Meet Annia

Annia was the first baby to come to La Limyè, arriving at just 16-days-old. She came having drunk tea as a newborn because there was no milk to be found since her mother had passed away.

She is now 3-years-old and the life of the party. Although she is younger than a few of the other girls in the home, everyone knows she is the boss! Coming to us as a newborn, La Limyè is the only home Annia has ever known and Mommy Ellie is her whole world. Annia loves dancing (we have no idea where she gets her talented dance moves from), watching any type of princess movie and drinking milk! This girl is so sweet and is talking up a storm. She will start her second year of preschool in the fall of 2019. Her witty smile and her contagious personality will light up your day every day.

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