Meet Annia

Annia was the first baby to come to La Limyè, arriving at just sixteen days old. She started out as a tiny, starving baby but is now a chunky, thriving one year old. Annia is just starting to walk but when she wants to get somewhere quickly, she will crawl as fast as she can. Because she came to La Limyè as a newborn, Annia is very attached to Ellen and likes to go with her everywhere. Some of her favorite things include swinging, watching “Baby Einstein,” dancing, and bouncing. You can often catch Annia waving “Bye Bye” or trying to say “Mama.” Don’t try to give her food she doesn’t like because she will quickly spit it out. However, she loves chicken nuggets and juice. Annia is beginning to get her front teeth and is talking more and more every day. She is a very happy little girl with a smile that will brighten your day.

A typical day for Annia: She is the first baby to wake up in the morning. She gets dressed and usually rides with Ellen to take Noldine to school at 6:15. Since she wakes up so early, she takes a morning nap around 9:30. When she wakes up, it is time for lunch. She loves to eat her baby crackers and juice. Annia spends the rest of the day playing with her sisters, dancing to music, playing outside on the swings, and riding with Ellen to run errands. As the day ends, Annia takes a bath and gets ready for bed. She goes to bed around 6:30 because everyone wakes up so early to get Noldine to school. Annia still wakes up twice a night but makes up for it with a good nap the next day.

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