Meet Ms. Blandine AKA “Ina”

Blandine (Ellen and the nannies call her “Ina”)  is from the same mountain as Dachena and Annia. Her father abandoned her and her mother before she was born. After Ina was born, her dying mother’s final request was for Ina to be placed in an orphanage. A distant relative brought Ina to Ellen when she was 18 days old and weighing only 6 pounds. Suffering from thrush, eye infection and reflux, Ina was immediately cared for and is now a sweet smiling child of God.

Please Pray

Please pray for wisdom for Ellen and her La Limyè staff as well as the board members as we learn how to best provide for these beautiful daughters of God. What a blessing and honor it is to be entrusted with such a gift.

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